Rushed and hallucinogenic

leg extension at gym
Been consistently going to the gym since 2000. Physical vibrancy is gained over years, not weeks nor months. You know this and it’s the reason you are doing well right now.

It’s challenging to focus on opportunity right now because it is something you hadn’t thought of before.

With Covid-19 panic, critical and creative thinking is currently rushed and hallucinogenic.

Now is not the time to begin executing a new master plan to save your livelihood. Just like a medical wake up call is not the time to sign up for a marathon, assuming that the unhealthy person is not a runner and probably never was, now is not the time to think you can do the right work and handle a massive “reinvention” workload.

Summary: If you didn’t have it in you before, you aren’t going to flip a switch and have it now. And if you have it now, it’s because you’ve been doing the long, slow grind of a lifetime of personal and professional development. Congrats.

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