GNP Day 54, work

10-second video: Note the Fireweed seed-whisps floating profusely.
Mountain lake
This is my second time to Hidden Lake’s shore. It is the first time crossing the stream to get to this side. All water levels are low in September.
4-second video: Cheryl and Barb set up a picnic area with our two folding chairs. Chuck and i are grateful they maximized their ”wait time” while we hiked. Cheryl saw this bear from her seat.

Chuck and i morphed the original three-mile “overlook” hike to a six-mile ”lakeside” hike. This change added another mile down and another mile up.

During our ascent, i coached Chuck (and reminded myself) to nose-breath only. No mouth breathing.

Walk (hike) as fast as you want, while maintatining nose-breathing.

Since arriving four weeks ago, i have not “opened it up”.

With Chuck’s blessing and promise to not try to keep up, i opened up the pace. It was heavenly.

Leadership this Summer focused on others over self. It is not my jam to hike far below my capability.

Undoubtedly, upcoming writing will reflect on this behavior change.

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