Become a category of one

Bubble Room building
Anniversary dinner was here two weeks ago.


Become a category of one.

Or not.

You can do whatever you want.

Special and unique is appealing to many.




Not for everyone.

Writing about Disney’s time-tested, world-class business principles is so easy for me.

Yet the way it’s being crafted won’t appeal to people who expect business books to follow a tried and true formula.

To the misfits, the one-offs, the weirdos – i write for us.

Using a huge state change of carving out time in Montana is a risk (and reward) for .thinking .differetly

Living less than a mile from Walt Disney World is inspiring and wonderful.

Going to a polar opposite environment is a well-known tactic to harness latent creativity and innovation.

Lead, create, and innovate like you mean it.

Not everyone will follow.

But for people who want to put a dent in the Universe, they will cheer for you.


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