Be a Disney Servant

Disney trophies and Disney character toys on a bookshelf
Took this photo an hour ago to send to a potential client who’s favorite Disney movie is Aladdin and favorite Character is Donald Duck.

Being a Disney Cast Member and/or Disney Leader means you are a Servant. You/we serve our Cast, our Guests, and our Shareholders with equal and unparalleled Disney excellence. Ideally, all three operational pillars (Cast, Guest, Business) are given the same excellent focus.

Karma and serendipity as well as always behaving admirably paved the way for “Blogging” to be the ticket for myself. No one at Disney Institute (DI) was willing to have anything to do with blogging in 2008-2009.

While the DI Blogging door remained shut and locked, my blogging door was about to be blown wide open. Never saw it coming.

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