This is the single piece of advice the leadership speaker gave to the young manager

Wireless lavalier microphone
The insightful and energetic Disney presenter had an identical shirt and lavaliere microphone as seen here


The eager audience was enjoying a stunning lunch at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Convention Center Grand South Ballroom late May 2013. As planned, 20 minutes into the lunch the Disney speaker began a 50 minute Leadership keynote to share Disney’s Leadership best practices, from the founder’s early days to today’s reality.

In the end, the top company official was overheard telling the presenter he knocked it out of the park.

A line of audience members waited their turn to speak with the Disney presenter. One Guest, mid-20’s, relayed how hopeful he was that maybe his executive leadership might make some highly impactful, common-sense changes based on the presentation. The wise Disney speaker gave one simple recommendation – don’t wait.

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