Calling the call center is at the top of our joy list, right?

Mid Life Celebration chair logo


(photo: Mid Life Celebration was inspired in 1979 by a woman sitting on a chair similar to this one)

Refreshing isn’t it? When we stumble upon remarkably helpful call center support.

The special benefits advisors have been extraordinarily helpful. And with each call another layer of personal growth and understanding happens for the caller.

We travel down roads in life we’ve never been down before. We’ve probably seen the road (various life events) on a map, but never had the opportunity to drive on it.

Until the time comes. Usually unpredictably.

These life events are potentially scary because they are big ones.

But there’s always a chance our fear was unfounded.

Come to find out, the drive can be actually much better than we expect.

Guessing it’s because we reap what we sow.

All in preparation to sow even more.

To help more people, in better ways, more often.

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