Leadership and Guestology

Glacier National Park
Screen shot on iPhone of Glacier National Park webcam photo yesterday. Pictured above is from East Glacier visitor’s center, looking West.


Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park webcam photo yesterday. Lake McDonald is 10 miles long. Pictured above is the view from Apgar looking Northeast.


Glacier National Park
Possible bike ride on first 2018 trip to Glacier National Park. Note lower right, Apgar Village Inn is HQ for the first couple days.


Being out in front, questioning, asking, telling, wondering, trying, failing, starting over, relentlessly striving, pushing, pulling, challenging, never satisfied.

These are all attributes of the heretical leader we all need, and hate, most.

Dear Executive, i expect you’ll take the next 10 days to be an investment or an expense. i need a decision by April 30.

Note: Yesterday’s email request for a decision gives us 10 days to finally agree on details and commit or walk away. We’ve been talking about this for nearly a year.

PS. If customer data is called demographics, the other opportunity leaders have is Guestology, which is the study of customer psychographics.

Needs, wants, stereotypes, emotions.

Most businesses only focus on needs.


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