Have fun answering

disney speaker Jeff Noel sitting on a chair on a stage
Becoming a public speaker was scary enough. Becoming a storyteller, the scariest. Saying yes to continuously improving is the only way to slay your fears.

The value of the following yes-or-no questions is self-evident and irrefutable.

Have fun answering.

  1. i have read at least 24 business excellence books?
  2. i am the most passionate student of business excellence i know?
  3. i subscribe to, and read, at least two daily business excellence blogs?
  4. i have personally written extensively (10+ years) about the leadership chain of excellence ripple effect?
  5. i teach business excellence to others?
  6. i live and breath a balanced business excellence approach?

These questions are the ticket to the dance. They are in no way all-inclusive. 

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