Who should be the deepest thinker in any room?

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(photo: Screen capture from You Tube.)

The Internet has changed everything and made it even more difficult (distracting information overload) to focus with a laser beam on the target, which is to deliver uncompromising business excellence.

At a packed conference, or in a corporate meeting room, who should be the deepest thinker in the room?

The speaker.

The speaker will never be intimate with how your industry works, but they darn sure better be intimate with the most powerful business questions every organization should be constantly asking themselves.

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Think.  Think Tank.  Think it over. Think before you act.

Think things through.  What will people think?  I can’t think.

What would your parents think?  No time to think.

Think before you speak.  Think you know it all, don’t you?

  1. Make yourself think
  2. I challenge you to think
  3. Do you demand yourself to think?
  4. Do you demand others to think?

When we are aware of the reasons why we don’t think -which causes us to slowly start to wither as a vibrant, inspired individual – we have the opportunity to really do something about it.  You know, to reverse it.

But that might be too hard for you, I think.

I mean, what do you think?

Hell Heck yes it’s difficult.  Why the hell heck do you think so few people have the guts to change anything, let alone change themselves.

PS.  This is the conversation I just had with myself. This happens all day, everyday.  My mind is a battlefield of what I want to do, should do, and actually do.  I think.