The Herd and The Movement

Think differently
The current Jeopardy phenomenon does it differently than anyone else i’ve seen.
Jeopardy champion
He’s been on such a long win streak that they are giving him time off and then he’ll return to keep it going.

The Herd and The Movement.

The trick to standing out is to be better or different (or both) than everyone else.

If you are doing it like the masses (The Herd) how can you stand out? How do you grab anyone’s valuable attention?

You can’t.

It’s insanely risky to invent a new way – a way no one else has succeeded at doing.

Like a broken record: Taking risks is risky, so is playing it safe.

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Boomers, are these two attributes possible in a noisy, distracting world?

Mid Life Celebration book in Delta first class cabin
Marketing a book will stretch most people’s skill sets


Mid Life Celebration book in Cleveland
Marketing Mid Life Celebration will stretch all skill sets


Mid Life Celebration book in Cleveland
Mid Life Celebration: Baby Boomer’s foremost cultural movement? Yes, if marketed remarkably.


Mid Life Celebration is becoming the Baby Boomer’s foremost cultural movement.

rethink • reprioritize • recommit

Personal leadership is crucial for peace and contentment in a noisy, distracting world.

We know this.

Will we accept the challenge to transform with the movement, or will we continue to follow the herd?

It is our personal responsibility to decide and no one else’s.

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Most Midlife Celebration Movement Members Know What This Image Is And Who Inspired It

Most Midlife Celebration Movement members know what this is and who inspired it

Most midlife celebration movement members know this image and know who inspired it. Spaceship Earth, Walt Disney World’s Epcot, Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney, 1982, Future World….one incomplete image captures all these descriptive words.

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