Thank you for believers

Disney Customer Service speaker Jeff Noel
Jungle Jeff and Mickey Mouse are believers.

Jesus was bold.

Jesus was a believer.

Thank God for bold leaders.

Note: Was = is.

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There’s A Couple Things jeff noel From Midlife Celebration Says Are Important To Know

jeff noel is as goofy as the next CEO, and starts every day on his knees in prayer

A couple important insights from Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel:

1. Owning your own business is risky
2. Owning your own business lets you call the shots
3. Some will love your choices, some won’t
4. Not everyone loved Jesus, but he marketed faith, hope and charity anyway
5. noel’s prolific blogging has come a really long way since November 2008
6. Every overnight success takes a decade or two

You can wait until you get more time, money or gonads courage, but time will not wait for you. Sorry. As a Boomer, you know this. Go.

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Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel Often Pushes Humility Aside Because He’s VP Of Marketing

Jesus was the ultimate humble marketer

Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel often pushes humility aside because he’s VP of marketing. Marketing is designed to sell more stuff, to more people, more often. It’s that simple. And Google loves “more”. It’s how Google factors page rank. Who doesn’t want to be on Google’s front page?

Note: Posts like this one, full of my name and other important keywords, will be fading away. Just part of experimentation and the desire to continuously improve.

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