10 times the impact in half the time?

disney speakers
Love the hidden Mickey in the Holiday Hours sign at DU.

Before retiring from Disney and Disney Institute, i had a recurring vision that i could make 10 times the impact in half the time?

Results are in for this year we finished two days ago.

Five times the impact in half the time.

Not bad for year four on my own.

Each year the impact rises.

Humbly excited for year five (2019).

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The email came in while driving from Spring Grove to Allentown

Spring Grove, PA fire department
Small town entertainment: bingo and meatloaf in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania.


The gift of an ordinary day is a leader’s greatest asset.


And then spending that magnificent asset in a balanced, powerful, and fun way.

Yesterday while in Allentown, Pennsylvania, i was able to respond to a Speakers Bureau executive with answers to important questions for him and his client.

Yes, we are on vacation. Yes, we had just arrived for a few days to stay and visit.

In the explanation to my Mother-In-Law, my wife asked me to share with her how my business model works.

Surreal to hear it come out of my mouth.

Additionally, earlier yesterday morning, we gifted a 77-year old with a MacBook Air. A hand-me-down, but new to her. It compliments her iPhone 6. With iCloud, her world become more exciting, confident, and safe.

Leadership happens all day, everyday.

And there are no boundaries for doing work that matters.




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How you feel says it all

First College National Championship Game coin toss
The odds or demonstrating courage are way less than 50/50. Last night’s first College Nat’l Championship game.


How you feel says it all.

If you are overwhelmed (and who isn’t), it impacts your ability to lead.

If you are balanced, your leadership is radically amplified.

People follow your courage, not your title.

If you’re too busy fixing things to courageously lead, well, you do the math.

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An incredible 100% are eligible and always have been

Mid Life Celebration logo
So incredibly, profoundly simple


Giving HUGE thanks to five groups of people:

1. Those who purchased the book
2. Those who read it
3. Those who did the first two, plus wrote an Amazon review
4. Those who did the first two or three AND bought copies for others
5. Those still considering ordering a copy

Received an email yesterday about how the book transformed someone’s thinking in just one reading.

Cried while reading it.

Not everyone will be so deeply, profoundly impacted.

Yet 100% are eligible.

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