Two career truths and a lie

Orlando Airport indoor fountain
Orlando Airport is one of the coolest i’ve been in.


Orlando Airport indoor fountain
This is entirely indoors. In an airport no less. Not lying. Honestly.


Need an icebreaker for a group?

Two career truths and a lie.

The goal is to stump the others at their table, or in pairs.

Ask your audience to think of two of their biggest career or work accomplishments, milestones, or freakish encounters.

Perhaps they have patented a manufacturing process that has eliminated workforce injuries in an area where injuries were far too common.

Maybe they have a side-hustle as a comedian and have appeared on America’s Got Talent.

Then ask them to create an outrageous “lie” that competes with their two lifetime achievements.

The goal is to stump the others at their table, or their partner if they’re in pairs.


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