Which comes first, the job, or the job we love?

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enjoy your climb, and never forget what you’re climbing to


Which comes first, the job, or the job we love? In my line of work, I seem to see a lot more than most. It’s scary how many unhappy workers there are.

Do we love our job? Have we ever had a job we loved? Are we still looking for work that we would love to do?

Be careful how much we love our job:

  1. We either own our business, or it owns us.
  2. Our boss owns us if we are unwilling to walk away

Yeah, it’s a conundrum. Our job as a great leader is to be remarkable, starting with owning our situation.

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Dear Son, It Will Be Your Job Not To Let This Happen, Even Though Most Don’t

Dear Son, most people hate their jobs to varying degrees. This ought to give everyone insight and due notice that it’s predictable and sad.

It will be your job to not let it happen. That goes for the rest of us.

Be the kind of person others love to work with. Love your boss and reduce her hassle-factor in working with you to zero.

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I Was Made For This

Might Be Easier To Lick This Ashtray?
Might Be Easier To Lick This Ashtray?

Last night, the vacationing man in the flowered shirt said, “Some people love work. Not me. I was never like that”.

My friend and I were strangely entertained as the man continued, “Bosses are a-holes, employees are a-holes, customers, peers…all a-holes. Now I don’t have to worry about any of it. Retirement? I was made for it”.

We were surprised by his unsolicited candor.

And marveled at his ability to endure pain.

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