It’s because i stay with the questions longer than anyone else

Disney Institute Keynote Speakers
Stumbled upon this on LinkedIn two days ago. Thirty years at Disney, 15 at this place – Disney Institute. Yes, i’m confident i can answer your toughest challenges.


Is there an unfair advantage some speakers have over other speakers?

It’s because i stay with the questions longer than anyone else.

i over-focus on the questions others under-focus on or ignore.

That’s the key to why my cultural architecture is the only way to transform a culture into organizational vibrancy and competitive immunity. It’s also the only way to sustain it.

It hit me yesterday when I was reading an email newsletter from a friend and healthcare culture consultant. Was struck by the slick layouts and diverse topics; very well done.

Their specialty appears to be the ability to go in and help organizations strengthen weaknesses.

That’s the simplest way I can explain my perception of what they do and the difference in my approach.

My approach isn’t to go in and fix anything.

Not in a targeted way, but rather (and more importantly) in a holistic way.

My approach reinforces and strengthens the best parts of their current cultural foundation and puts in place the must-have’s for world-class organizational culture.

i address their culture at the foundational, DNA level.

The need-to-haves and the nice-to-haves come later.

And i insist that without the foundational architecture, any attempt at “fixing or improving things” will fail in the long run.




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