People Hate Bull

Watch Your Step
Watch Your Step

And it seems as if people like it when I talk about how much hating bull can be a good thing.

Any idea how hard it is to be on fire, every single day, with a passion for excellence?

On the trip home from Hartford, Connecticut last week, while in the Orlando International Airport Men’s room (which smelled like a pasture), it hit me.

There is no way people can expect themselves or others to be passionate about something they themselves aren’t.

Duh, right.

So if you don’t like what you do, who you do it for, or both, get away from it.  Of course, this is tougher in a down economy.  But a down economy is the best time to prepare for the upswing.

It will come.  And if you are waiting for it, you are already behind. Now is the time to make your move. And even now may be a bit on the late side. But what if you continue to wait?

Sad indeed. No pity from me. You’re a grown up. Figure it out. Read. Study. Observe. Stay up late. Get up early. No one else is going to do this for you.

Stop looking at leadership and the organization as a parent.

I have a great optometrist if anybody needs one.


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