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Apple Is Changing The World (Have You Noticed?)
Apple Is Changing The World (Have You Noticed?)

There are some really effective people using social media. Seth Godin leads the way.  Mashable is another.

And then there are the digital neanderthals – smart business men and smart business women – who think the world isn’t really going to change, and if they ignore social media long enough, it will go away.

Fools.  Sloths. Dinosaurs. Excuse makers.

“I’m too busy.”  “It doesn’t apply to me.”  “I’ve made it this far without social media.”  “It’s too difficult and I don’t have time to learn it.”

Good.  It’s the perfect storm, isn’t it.  Let the people who excelled in traditional ways make room for the others.  It’s their turn now.  A new social (media) order.

Have you ever read a fair number of LinkedIn profiles?  They are great if you have trouble sleeping.  Seriously. And very boring status quo.

How do I know?  Good question. Maybe I don’t.  But here’s a hint, from a Twitter tweet from someone who read my LinkedIn profile.

“Thx for following, Jeff Will look forward to your tweets. Jennifer PS: Best Linked In summary ever- clever, yet informative.”

Put it to the test.  Click here.  Remember Lane 8’s post from two days ago, “Put Up Or Shut Up”?


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