Fear Not, Seriously

“We are so vain that we even care for the opinion of those we don’t care for.” Marie von Ebner Eschenbach

How is it with you?  I mean, if you really gave earnest consideration, what’s your honest answer?

Well for me, it used to be true; however, reading, writing and thinking at an accelerated pace for the past nine months, has heightened an awareness that there are people who will never change. Duh, right?

Okay, so I’m stupid a little slow sometimes.

This is no secret.  But I’ve always held out hope that people would change.  Now, I’m convinced, not that they won’t change, but that it no longer matters.

And the day this epiphany came, it was glorious.

I’ve learned to move on, to be strong, and to focus on transformational personal change – not in others, but in the mirror. It’s hard as hell, of course, but I will not stop.  Doing the impossible will take everything you have.

And there are people out there, they might even be reading this now, who will think it’s crazy.  Who cares So.

By jeff noel

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