Has the reality of your daily life sunk in?

Orlando Disney Keynote Speakers


(photo: Bottom left, sitting on Main Street enjoying a Starbucks breakfast sandwich at 9:30am the day after Thanksgiving.)

Bold question.

Kind too.

Has the reality of your daily life sunk in?

Filled with hope?

Prepared to work incredibly hard?

Yesterday was a bit closer to feeling it here. See photo above.

Today is the last day of the first month of retirement.

The only way to get to this point was to dream, do, dream, do, dream, do…

And along the way, constantly overcome failure, doubt, and fear.

The goal to retire at 55 was made six years in advance.

The goal to carve out a career at Disney was made at the tender age of 25.

It was 30 years to pay off a mortgage and reach the pinnacle of an incredible career.

It was a five day drive from Pullman, Washington to Orlando, Florida in 1984.

And before loading up the car for good, a risk had to be taken.

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