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Disney Keynote Speaker
GNP. Sprague Fire from a motorboat. Amazing how relaxed we are. College buddy Howard. There was legit concern that the smoke would completely block our navigational view. But rather than rush 10 miles south to safety, we relaxed.
Lake McDonald 2017
Lake McDonald marina. Lake McDonald Lodge behind the trees. Weird how clear this photo is.

Who can recite your company’s vision statement from memory? (awkward pause) So why bother having a vision statement?


My vision statement is so simple that other’s know mine even though they have none for themselves.


Originally saw Stephen Covey speak and he said his personal vision statement was five words. He never shared them. Returning from his seminar, i was motivated to do less than five words. Created a one-word vision statement, servant.

Further reflection revealed the need for a second word, humble.

Human temptation is to serve in order to receive. What if we did everything without expectation?

Humble servant is a two-word vision statement and a 467-word reduction from my original effort.

When i read the 469-word vision statement (magnetically framed on the refrigerator) i would be so inspired.

The harsh reality is that i could go years and not read it.

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