Five things to know

mountains and a lake
Angel Wing dominates the foreground. Behind it, almost invisible, is Mt Gould, which is massively bigger from a different angle. Change what you see and what you see changes.

Five things to know:

  1. Wonderful blessings come from adversity
  2. Gratitude deepens, broadens, and accelerates wisdom
  3. Gratitude frees you from anger, hate, impatience
  4. Karma is a blue chip stock
  5. So is humility

Writing forces you to out-think and out-learn the former you, the non-writer. But not in a competitive way. In a steady, self-improvement way. Emotional wounds can be deep. Out thinking and out learning your former non-writing self is personal leadership triage.

Happy present moment and God bless everyone.

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By jeff noel

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