Delete it all

Apple support screen shot
Trying to get to the root cause. A leading contender for the issues might be broken links.
Apple settings screen shot
As instructed. This didn’t delete what it was supposed to delete. Did it on an iPad and an iPhone.

Never bad-mouth the technology that sets you free.


WordPress and GoDaddy changed my life, beginning in 2008.

These five blogs only exist because of both.

Presently at a crossroads in a technical issue/glitch, for the past month.

It has the worst case scenario to vaporize 5,500+ days of writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts.

That’s 27,500 posts.

Plus, there’s another 1,050 posts written and scheduled to publish.

That’s an insane 28,550 posts…potentially lost if a security breach crushes my sites.

•  •  •  •  •

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