What’s the long term legacy of a leader?

Manhattan (top), Brooklyn (middle), Barclays Center (lower center-left “white “dot”)…

Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Barclays Center
Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Barclays Center

My friend Nuwanda travels as a professional speaker. A lot. He says this fact makes the world seem smaller.

He spent a week in Brooklyn (two weeks ago), and flying to Hartford last week, flew right over Brooklyn and snapped this photo.

Looking down from “Heaven” he thought, “What will we leave behind that others will be thankful for?”

He commented that we so rarely look at the sky.

And when in the sky, we so rarely look at the ground.


Because we are busy leading, managing, worrying, fixing, delighting, planning, hurrying… building a reputation… of some sort… one easy to see by someone watching.

By someone following in our footsteps.

And then he asked, “Do we ever look at the path we’re making?”

Will we look back and wonder, “Why did I spend so much time working? We now realize our children get only one childhood. One.”

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