Suffering at work

small yellow flower
First glance we’ve been trained to see the flower. What if we train ourselves to see the shadow?
man playing chess
Playing chess here during each Campus visit is a tradition.

Suffering at work?

When work is transactional, everyone suffers.

To counter the temptation, over-focus where you used to under-focus or ignore…

And it may take years or decades to learn to:

  • Live within your means
  • Invest early (age 20-30) to enjoy the magic of doubling
  • Make your get-to-do greater than your have-to-do
  • Discover what you were born to do
  • Balance mind, body, spirit, work, & home
  • Teach others

Transactional work hides the artist within.

The world needs artists. You need and want to be an artist.

We all do.

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