At the risk of antagonizing LinkedIn trolls

LinkedIn update comment
Click bait? Could be intentional. Might be unintentional. Doesn’t matter. It’s our choice as to what we do.


LinkedIn update comment
Ha. i came back, but replied only to my Disney Institute colleague Fernando’s comment.


The question in the photo above had me thinking. But i resisted the urge to reply.


The first thought was i shouldn’t give away my proprietary approach.

So i left.

Then i started to think about using my answer as today’s blog post material.

So i went back.

But hesitated again.



The second time around i wasn’t going to give the proprietary answer, but rather, insert intrigue – but only in a reply to a commenter, my friend Fernando.

You know, some reply that claims i know, and the bold statement i could get it in under 10 minutes – rather than observe a two-hour meeting.

Note: Give me one minute, individually with the CEO and each of her eight (educated guess) cabinet members and with one question, i’ll know in under 10 minutes.

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