As a leader, we must make decisions not everyone agrees on

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel
Frosted mugs for the milk.


Breakfast platter
Plates of food falling off the table.


Coliseum of Comics YuGiOh Tournament
Neither of us knew they’d be closed. Makes sense though.


As a leader, we must make decisions not everyone agrees on. Yes, we could have gone back and delivered more boxes of food. Would could have made return trips for hours.

The van put it to a vote. As the tie breaker it was easy because:

The first ministry starts at home.

Don’t abandon your Family for work to be done. There’s a time and a place. Try to balance them.

There is a standing Sunday commitment to attend our Son’s tournament.

Not everyone has the same priorities. Not everyone has conviction. Not everyone has balance.

Do the best you can. Forgive yourself. Move forward.

Life is not a popularity contest.

But if it was, you’d want your Family to be your biggest fans.

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