The key to organizational vibrancy (gratis)

Disney's Contemporary Resort 4th floor concourse
Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Spent six of my 30 years working in this Resort.


Two days ago, i wrote this response to an email question about corporate priorities:

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Without a common purpose, or unifying goal (as i call it), there’s no irrefutable, self-evident rallying point. This is the beacon for creating a culture by design.

Without being crystal clear on why you exist this powerful question, when addressing everything in your organization, is meaningless:

Does this allow us to better deliver our unifying goal?

For executives, profit is the unifying goal. No harm no foul right? But no one on the front line (onstage or backstage) gives a damn about that. Ignoring this fact does not make it false.

This is one of the early points in my leadership keynote speech.

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