One Bottle Per Person

App For Customer Loyalty?
App For Customer Loyalty?

Customer expectations are a funny thing sometimes. Some people are so hard to please and some are so easy to please and of course, some are in the middle.

“Good morning, can I get you anything?”, from the friendly, smiling Delta flight attendant – Orlando to Atlanta – sitting here in Business class. “May I please have another water, I’ll finish this one quickly. Thank you.”

The Internet has amazing ramifications, many extraordinarily positive. Like right now, I’m typing this jungle jeff blog post before we taxi away from our gate.

I’ll post this, take the cup of ice water and pour it in the sink. Not ready for another water, ice water is too cold, and an open plastic cup of water probably isn’t the best idea during take off.

Delta only loads one bottle per business class passenger. News to me, but I’m just so thankful to be alive that one bottle per person as the best they can do is so trivial, that it hardly seems worth blogging about.


Business class is reserved for Delta’s most loyal customers.

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