Dear Son, thank you for last night’s extended conversation

Disney Keynote Speakers
So yeah, in this photo, i’m thinking this may be my last view of Logan Pass. And i’m aware there could be many more, but i am living as if 2018 is my last Summer there.


Things in your life will either be better than you expect or less than you expect.

We do not have a crystal ball to tell us exactly how the future will unfold.

This is called a blinding flash of the obvious.

But this little gem, below, isn’t obvious (even though it is)…

When “bad things” happen, rejoice that good things also happen – and in ways that are much better than we could have imagined.

Focus on this yin and yang.

Both extremes teach us.

Be a great and grateful student.


Because if you aren’t, think deeply about what you get as the opposite.

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