It’s either no big deal or potentially a heart attack

IV catheter


(photo above: The Dr Phillips Hospital ER department moved remarkably fast. It was delightfully surprising.)


In room X-ray machine


(photo above: In room X-ray machine… chest X-ray this time)


CT scanner at Dr Phillips Hospital ER


(photo above: getting ready for four different CT scans last night)

The triage EKG was ‘cloudy’, meaning it was abnormal. The good news is it wasn’t threatening. Blood was drawn simultaneously.

Then escorted to ER room #24. It had a private bathroom. Living the dream or beginner’s luck? Luck.

After an in-room chest X-ray, was wheeled down the hall for CT scans of the brain, neck, spine, lungs, and heart.

The catheter proved handy for injecting the dye for one scan in particular.

Once again, our thinking is either panic, denial, or strength.

Going with strength.

Final answer.

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