Will celebrating milestones help your culture thrive?

Daniel bricks
Who was Daniel and why is his name on some of the bricks?


Should you be let go for our obvious, gross negligence?

Will celebrating milestones help your culture thrive? Of course. Yet it’s astonishing how many people know it but do not actively design their corporate human resource practices with intentionality.

It’s Sunday, January 25, 2015. Who cares? No one.

But what if we recalled that January 25¬†was jungle jeff’s very first day with the Walt Disney Company?

But it was so long ago, 1982, that it no longer has relevance or value to today’s work.

Epic failure.

Hard to appreciate the Mississippi River without the knowledge of it’s headwaters.

Most of your employees have no knowledge of your founder. Not even if their life depended on it.


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