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November 28, 2013… retired this long-standing LinkedIn profile. Time for a change.

And added Published Author to the resume.

Bottom line, my goal is to see you reach yours.

An organization’s greatest internal goal must provide daily inspiring outcomes for front line employees.

Because front line employees don’t go to work thinking, “How can I increase shareholder value today?”

But what if your employees voluntarily extended discretionary effort to your customers without additional pay? And what if they enjoyed it and took pride in surprising and delighting your customers?

What if your leaders behaved the same way towards their direct reports?



I do what I do because souls need to be “seen” and hope needs to be “touched”.

And give speeches to change the world and never give the same speech twice.

Crazy busy, right?

Story of our lives.

Are you satisfied?

No seriously, Are you satisfied?

If you answered “Yes”, well, this probably means goodbye, if “No”, you may be onto something…

International professional speaker to a million people.

When I’m done, your audience will think so differently about common sense they’ll feel like their life (and your Company), moving forward, will never again be the same.

Sooner or later it becomes crystal clear. Life is not a dress rehearsal. So I’m here to remind you why today is not a good day to put your dreams on hold.

Mid Life Celebration is a catalyst for positive change and regret-free living and leading.

Energizing, inspiring, insightful, thought-provoking, and fun. The perfect speaker, really.

Modus operandi: If I tell your audience the answers they’ll never remember. If I help them figure it out themselves, they’ll never forget.

The unfair advantage is simply the engagement volume and variety over 14 years, and a million people.


Be well and remain amazed.

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