Fun and totally worth it

i wasn’t 100% committed until Steve and Stacy, Mt Reynolds experts with 12 summits, came into my space 500’ from the 9,152’ summit. Was minutes away from finishing lunch and descending from 8,700’ when they said they’d take me safely to the top.

Fun and totally worth it.


Writing this riff.

The Board (and you) will have decent, even logical, reasons why my price is too high. (And i have decent, logical reasons why it’s a bargain.)

Quite often, out-of-shape and overwhelmed professionals who start the new year off with a gym membership remind me of Board members.

How did they become so toxically unhealthy as they grew their professional careers?


And are any of their reasons (read excuses) good enough to count?

Anyone who’s smart and experienced professionally, yet physically inactive and non-vibrant is suspect.


How smart can you be to ruin your health?

How smart are you if you neglect the temple housing everything keeping you alive? Organizationally, that’s like neglecting your corporate culture which is the temple housing everything keeping your organizational alive.

Stereotypically, short-term, quarterly focus supersedes the long-game strategy.

Yes, you win short-term. You make more money and inch ever closer to the next bonus, promotion, or accolade, but you do this by ignoring your health. How is that a brilliant, long-term move?

Playing to win or playing to not lose? Even if you succeed at not losing, you still lose.

Winning requires burning the ships.

All in.

If you are not all in (95% is not all in), you are not all in.

Not being all in is not committed.

Not committed is poison.

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