Living on the edge

jeff noel at Blizzard Beach entrance during COVID-19 lockdown
Yesterday, April 27, 2020, about 10 miles into the 30-miler.
jeff noel Disney cultural architecture
The business case for culture. The fact you can’t read it all is good. This stuff is my IP.

Living on the edge.

Aerosmith was my first concert in 1974, as a high school sophomore.

Totally feels like COVID-19 has people the world over living on the edge.

For the first time, i’m unemployed for the foreseeable future, this may be the first honest work break i’ve had in a lifetime. And thank goodness for our rainy day (year) plan.

Gotta admit.

It suits me.

All i’ve known is work.

All i know now is no deadlines, no travel, no contracts, no invoicing, no planning, no followup, and no client calls.

Not gonna lie.

In no hurry for it to end.

In today’s world, is that living on the edge or what?

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