We go straight to unlimited x-rated viewing with one simple click

young child in car seat with stuffed animals
There are many ways to raise a child – do we begin with the end in mind?


Yesterday a 9th grader visited the 7th and 8th graders and was sharing with them how his father taught him extensively about money. From the time he was a little boy he was shown the bills, payments, investments – he saw them all and even had to sign off that he read them.

Fast forward this same boy to 7th and 8th grade and the Internet.

The fatherly advice for free, unlimited, unrestricted Internet access? “Don’t go on You Tube, there’s bad stuff there”.

Not judging (even if it sounds like it). Rather, observing the difference in detail.

We teach what we know. Don’t we?

An expert money manager? For sure.

An Internet expert in the new, global social economy? You decide.

Online predators, pornography, hackers, bullies, age-inappropriate options.

The Academy of Motion Picture Sciences has ratings and we heed these and use our discretion.

The Internet? We go straight to unlimited x-rated viewing with one simple click.

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