Time to start thinking the same way about teams

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(photo: the way the world works is changing fast… embrace it… what other choice is there?)

The work team is trying to give something important a more meaningful name. No harm no foul.

But there’s a challenge here.

A new name isn’t the solution to the change they are trying to solve for.

Over time the team has gone from a traditional physical location with offices and cubes to half the old way and half the new virtual work from home way.

The virtual workforce isn’t a different group of people who do different things. They simply sit somewhere different.

The solution is in changing the way they operate.

Virtual is the new normal.

But they are trying to maintain stability by coming up with a clever name for the ‘distance’ team. Trying (innocently and ignorantly) to bypass the reality of a sea change.

It’s similar to the revelation of Baby Boomers calling the fast pace of change, technology.

Watching a 13 year old grow up, the revelation is that he doesn’t think of it as technology and never has. To him, it just ‘is’.

Time to start thinking the same way about teams.

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