Great leaders at Disney develop more great leaders

Orlando motivational speaker
What do you see when you stop looking at what you habitually look at?


Orlando motivational speaker
What do you notice on the floor of a barely ever used side porch.


Orlando motivational speaker
That’s a stunning, and tiny, yellow.


Orlando motivational speaker
These stones were gathered from the surrounding ground.


Orlando motivational speaker
The logs were gathered from the surrounding area.


Orlando motivational speaker
The wind brought this plant here. It’s fairly tiny as well.


Orlando motivational speaker
Backig up just a little, for perspective.


Orlando motivational speaker
Backed up just a little more, for more perspective.


Leaders get work done through other people.

The best Disney leaders are noticers.

These same leaders also do one more thing well, they develop more noticers.

Insight: Noticers tap into the creative and collective power of their frontline employees to make extraordinary improvements at little to no cost.

Improvements that scale, and transform.


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