X-Factor winners Alex and Sierra are about to explode

Alex and Sierra video song debut
Told Cheryl last night that Alex and Sierra reminds us of us.


Was your yesterday sprinkled with a few very exciting moments?

Or was your whole day unusually exciting?

Or maybe, heaven forbid, was your yesterday a cluster mess.

Let’s assume we picked door number one – a few very exciting moments.

A recent weekend with college buddies inspired conversation about health care benefits and pensions.

Weird. Uncommon.

A decade can happen in the blink of an eye. We wake up one day and the kids are grown, for example.

The obvious but largely unchosen choice is to savor today and plan for tomorrow.

But we continue racing from one day to the next. Like everyone else.

What if we could rekindle a feeling similar to dreaming and preparing for a cross country bicycle trip – a gutsy, life-affirming and life-changing endeavor?

When was the last time we had something like that?

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