MBAs should be pass or fail

Pass Or Fail
Pass Or Fail

Ever have so much to say that you don’t know where to start?

Sitting here, fingers on the laptop keyboard, I’m hard pressed to find the right place to begin.

And as someone who has worked professionally for 36 years, been to hell and back (twice), overcome addiction, overcome (an invisible) disability, constantly struggles with health challenges, and generally has the weight of the world on my shoulders, inspiration for today’s post should come easy.

But it’s not.

Maybe Sundays would be better off as a “day of rest”.

If that would prove valuable, I’d like rant about MBA degrees. In searching for an MBA program that would suit my ADD, high achieving, aggressively unfancy, professionally antagonistic, uncommonly insightful, intuitive, and overall impatient personality – this may prove helpful in annoying people enough to change.

MBA degrees should be pass or fail, and require a three year commitment.

At the end of your studies, if you do not have a profitable business, you fail.

However, if your tax return, for your entrepreneurial business, has turned a profit, you pass.

And a few moments ago, it seemed as if today’s post wasn’t going to happen.

It’s good  to disagree, and I respect you if you do (and most of you do). It’s also good to measure usefulness. Try taking your MBA degree to the Bank.  See how much they’ll give you for it.

By jeff noel

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