Yeah, I definitely have to get past a certain mind-set. In primary school, I thought, I don’t want to stop with a Bachelor’s degree. So, what’s left? A masters?
Life, to me, was a series of accomplishments. Milestones were degrees. I equated social class with them. I’m getting over it (still haven’t given up on the MBA goal though, maybe I will). It was definitely an entitlement mentality – If I fulfill these requirements, then these are owed to me. Just like little league. As long as I play, I’ll get a trophy. I’ve seen many places that chalk that up to Millenials.
I had all the right opportunities, but took away some of the wrong lessons.
I had this false sense of security – I’d find a job where I’d be for 35 years until I retired. Who cares what is was, it was stable.
I think that’s why I was so good at tests. If I knew how to work the system, who cares what I was learning. Who cares about the lessons and principles, as long as I was passing the tests.
Drastic wake-up call when I got to college and really hated what I was doing. Then what did I have to fall back on? Taking tests?
Taking tests in what? Well they got me into college. Got me good scholarships too. But, do you really have to work hard to do well at tests? Not really.
But you do have to work hard at the application of the principles. Ugh…it was easier to just pass the tests.OK, got that stream of consciousness out of the way. Can you tell I’m not a fan of standardized testing? If you have a chance, check out John Taylor Gatto. I intend to. If he hasn’t spoken at TEDTalks yet, he needs to.

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