i knew i’d be inspired by the 60 Minutes recording

iPhone Photos settings screen
Apple has changed the way the world does many of our everyday activities, like taking and storing photos.


i knew, unquestionably, i’d be inspired by the 60 Minutes recording. Found it last night while searching for the Big Bang Theory recordings we missed while vacationing in Pennsylvania.

The episode featured Tim Cook and Jony Ive from Apple.

Tim said of Steve Jobs, “I’ve never met anyone like him. He had this relentless, driving force for perfection. Things have to be insanely great.”

This is a concept culture i’ve lived within at Disney for 30 years.

Simplify and focus, without sacrificing quality.

What does this mean to any of us?

Do it (follow your passion) even when labeled “crazy”.

As a solo entrepreneur, doubt, fear, excuses, and hesitation surround you.


Change comes from within only when you are willing to become a relentless, driving force for the “perfection” of your passion.




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