I asked the copy editor a really significant question about Disney

would your Grandmother and your Pastor approve of what you do?

I asked the copy editor a significant question about Disney:

Did you see any “Disney” in the book draft?

Her answer rolled of her tongue instantaneously, “No”.

“Perfect”, I confidently thought to myself. Integrity is doing what you say you’re going to do – transparency, authenticity, purpose, professionalism, focus.

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Just trying a leadership idea on for size

Book draft for Mid Life Celebration
Book draft for Mid Life Celebration
jeff noel's first book
15 months later….

We live our lives with many unfulfilled dreams. Big dreams can scare people. Or intimidate them. Big dreams also provide food for jokes, teasing, and back-stabbing.

So we hide them. We minimize them. We sell ourselves short.

What would it look like if we didn’t?

The vast majority of us will never know.

So I’ve been trying something on for size. A book. The first. Of many.

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