Dear Son, At The End Of The Day, Find A Million Ways To Be Happy In Your Job

Dear Son, no job is perfect. Many, not even close. The goal is to balance what you get to do with what you have to do. The “Get to do” should be at least 51%, versus 49% “Have to do”.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, consider creating it from the blueprints of your dreams.

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Who Cares More, Works Harder, Thinks Deeper, Or Reaches Higher?

Dear son, remember that friend I told you about that has something no one else on the team possesses (and everyone thinks they are unique, by the way)?

All teams consist of people with different, definable work experience attributes:

  • Longevity
  • Diversity
  • Expertise
  • Goals

What most teams lack to some degree is a person who would do the job even if they weren’t paid. Someone who cares more, works harder, thinks deeper or reaches higher.

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Nearly Every LinkedIn Profile Says The Same Unremarkable Thing: I’m So Smart. I’m So Smart. I’m So Smart.

Dear Son, the only way to stand out in a sea of unremarkable sameness, is to study what makes it unremarkable and then experiment with the opposite. Pretty basic.

Your Dad spent an entire afternoon reading LinkedIn profiles, discovering a blinding flash of the obvious: All the profiles, with rare exceptions, say the same boring thing, “I’m so smart. I’m so smart. I’m so smart”.

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Dear Son, The Thing About Business Creativity Is That You Have To Practice At It Like Anything Else In Life

Dear Son, the people who are the best at what they do got there by doing what others didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t, blah, blah, blah.

When your goal is important enough to be unselfish, and your desire to achieve it can be balanced with the rest of your life, then you will live in a place that relishes failure and sees it as the only true path to success.

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Cynic, Party Of One, Right This Way Please, Or, An Insider With The Truth Everyone Hides?

Dear Son, be very careful when you listen to or read what the gurus say and write. Look closely at their personal lives. Determine for yourself if they practice what they preach or if they are simply entertainers with exceptional salesmanship.

The great ones, full of integrity, are extraordinarily rare, because most gurus, sadly, are just trying to pay their bills.

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