Yeah, A Little Edgy Lately

Edgy Or What?
Edgy Or What?

Have you noticed it the last few days?

Is it happening to you too? I can’t be the only one.  There has to be a ton of us. A ton who are really impatient as we wait for our economy to turn around. Perhaps the whole world feels this way.

And yet, in our dissatisfaction, the predictable happens.  You already know the answer don’t you?  What happens is what always happens.


Nuthin’ happens.

This is why the past few days have been unusually exciting. I’ve come to the realization that this time last year, I was on fire.

And then things started to hum, and by August, jungle jeff, Mid Life Celebration, Lane 8, jeff and jeff were cranking out the numbers. (humbly, everything has more than doubled since then)

This led to a feeling of relief, and a feeling of panic.  And both emotions impacted these five daily blogs.

There are some writers and bloggers that write for the numbers, the traffic.

That makes me nauseous. Seriously. I pray that none of these blogs ever become status quo or worry about being mainstream.

But when it does happen (and it will), it won’t be because I caved, but because I pushed and pulled and didn’t accept bull crap excuses for why people have to accept anything but excellence.

And the part of the equation that’ll make it all possible is the core group of you who get it. Who act on it.  Who transform themselves.

And then they’ll start to influence others around them in a transformational way, and this ripple effect is what will make the world a little better before I die.


By jeff noel

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