Can Writing Light A Fire?

Turn Around Or Keep Going?
Turn Around Or Keep Going?

Here’s an excerpt from an email I sent yesterday.  It started as a simple note to encourage a friend (purposefully maintaining anonymity), and fellow blogger, who had sent the link below.

Thanks for the tip on the website design link. Book marked

I often think that writing for a year has allowed the opportunity to create a vault of content. Which comes first, content or candy?

Anyway, while others fuss about stuff, I simply wake up and write. Closing in on 2,000 posts.  In a year. It’s because the first priority is to write. That’s what a blogger does.  Write.

Over time, people will either like it or not. The blogger then has to decide to continue or quit.

Most quit.

People like people who don’t quit.  People also like people who have big dreams, for the right reasons. People like honest, open, real people.

They also like people who have something to say that makes them laugh or think. I’m not that funny when I write. And those that don’t want to think about what I write are free to move on.

And yet, last month, there were over 15,000 unique visitors and well over 30,000 visits.

Hits (different from visits) and page views are off the chart (between 100,000 – 200,000 monthly). This means, slowly but surely, content trumps candy. If you want to generate more visitors, where do you think you should focus?

PS.  You know why, and who, I write for.  The rest, as they say, is a bonus.


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