What’s Your Leadership Strategy?


What do you do to stay ahead as a great leader?  The trends, technology, social media, innovation, results, inspiration, challenges. Most leaders are good at these things.  Some are very good. And a few are excellent.

Which are you? Do you even know if you are a great leader? Most of us aren’t.

In today’s world, we need people with vision and guts. Ya with me?

What do you do to create a visionary wildfire?  What are you willing to risk to see your visionary flames spread?

I’d really like to challenge all you jungle jeff readers to list your top three strategies or tactics. Not to publish in the comments, but just to satisfy your own accountability. Here are mine:

Fanatical focus on my purpose (vision).  Insatiable learning.  Daily risk taking (launch, learn, revise).

PS. If you want to share them, please go ahead.


By jeff noel

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