Just Bust A Move


The hall mark of quality is consistency.  Seriously.

In world-class customer service, it’s critical to know your audience. My customers are my immediate Family. Our son is the one who is looking for a great role model.

Many professional speakers and business authors, talk a great talk, however, closer inspection would reveal an interesting truth – most teachers are teachers, because, they can not actually do very well at what it is they are teaching.

If they could, wouldn’t they be making their living doing it, instead of teaching it?

And to that end, we should be inspired everyday. We should inspire everyday.  And we should be “walking the talk” everyday.

The harder you work, the luckier you get. And a friend sent this email three days ago:

“It was great to see my mentor/role model yesterday.  You always inspire me.  You mentioned that while you were here at the D.U. you guys were looking at the Leadership content and talking about the importance of a vision.  I found this quote that I wanted to share with my teacher.

“It’s hard to run blindfolded.  You have to see where you’re going in order to be able to get there fast.  The clearer your vision, the faster you can go.”

“Make it a great day!” Part of your language and culture on your many YouTube clips.”


By jeff noel

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