How I Beat NY Times to the Story

NY Times March 17, 2010
NY Times March 17, 2010
Privacy Vanishes?
Privacy Vanishes?

What’s one of the most obvious reasons we lack self confidence?

There are a ton to pick from aren’t there?

And it’s human nature to dislike those that have a ton of self-confidence.

How weird is that?  Talk about paradox:

  • We desire self-confidence
  • We strive for self-confidence
  • We hate those that have an abundance

Two weeks ago, on March 16, I wrote a jungle jeff blog post entitled, Privacy Is A Myth.

The very next day, the New York Times posted the above front page article.

We said the same thing.  But I broke the story.

Social Media is here to stay.  Books (sadly) aren’t, and neither is the NY Times.

So, guess this makes me self-confident and antagonistic.


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