Are You Doing Your Very Best?

Happy Friday!  Welcome to jungle jeff’s blog.  As a 35-year business professional and professional speaker, I’d like to challenge you.  Are you doing your very best, to do everything possible (and impossible) to pursue excellence in your organization’s employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and financial results?

Probably not, right?

Who’s got time, talent and money to focus on everything that’s important?  Would you believe I struggle with these things?  Would you believe all world-class organizations do as well?

Want to know the really exciting part of today’s post?   We are so much alike that it’s not even funny.

Hey look, I have to get ready to head off to work.

Want to do yourself a favor, since you’re incredibly busy and probably “in over your head” with commitments?  It’s simple, bookmark this site and come back when you can, as I begin to share some simple, world-class insights.  On the other hand, if you have a better plan, go for it.  I wish you great success either way.


jungle jeff

PS.  This blog was established to help me teach our eight-year old son about money and business.   It occurred to me that adults may benefit too.


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