When the rubber meets the road

Motivational Speakers Orlando


(photo: Annual Singing Christmas Trees concert, 2014.)

Big events don’t fall from the sky. Massive effort is required. Trust, accessibility, values, and vision. They all work together for the greater good.

Couple calls and meetings (in this order as the day unfolded):

  1. Pitched crazy idea to Middle School teacher to enlist her student’s help, teach them, and fund raise.
  2. Recruiting consultants for work beyond MLC’s catalytic keynote speeches.
  3. Requested permission to use large, not-for-profit venue.
  4. Put out feelers for a go-to meeting planner.

Today will be more of the same.

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PS. Here’s a real time (Mar 27) update to the above post written Dec 17: None of the four “great ideas” panned out. Paying engagements were contracted that made numbers 1 & 3 dramatically less pressing. Discovered that i do not wish to partner with anyone else on content creation (as of now). And #4┬áis premature – a great resource is available when and if the time becomes right.

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